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The amazing health benefits of honey

Benefits of honey ~ What other natural substance is there that can improve your health, be used as a medicine and for all your beauty needs? There is none!
Honey benefits will truly surprise you as they do not derive from just eating or drinking it.
Honey Health Benefits
Delicious as it is and a very unique form of nutrition the Health Benefits of Honey
 are indeed also quite unique and I’m sure will have you pleasantly surprised.
There is nothing else naturally produced that is capable of healing so many digestive disorders, these include killing off that bacteria called Helicobacter pylori which is found in your stomach and the single main reason for stomach ulcers!
Benefits of honey will help with all your digestive disorders including easing those dreadful IBS symptoms which appear to be rife in today's modern society.
I hazard a guess you would not have even considered dripping honey into your eyes but you can with remarkable results. If medical professionals pack cornea transplants in honey why should you not heal your own eye infections with it?
Types of Honey
There are so many tastes and flavors to be discovered, some quite delicate and others with a pungent kick to them. These will not just set your taste buds tingling, they will surprise you too! Who said all honey is a golden liquid?
A jar of pure honey would be a perfect addition in any cupboard in any kitchen. However, to really benefit from your jar of honey please make sure it is pure honey and not a blended variety.
Local Raw Honey is the best type of honey; try to seek out a local beekeeper who if you are really lucky you will maybe offer you a chunk of honeycomb now that is surely the best way to eat it.
Bite into a chunk of this and discover an instant "Honey Heaven" addiction. Inside that delicious chunk you will benefit from nutritious bee pollen and natures own antibiotic Propolis.
Medicinal Honey
Don't stop there, place a jar in your medicine cabinet too for life's little scrapes and burns. There are now many types of Medicinal Honey used in the world of medicine.
And why is this? Quite simply because Medicinal Honey contains exceptional healing qualities and quite magical ingredients in the form of unique enzymes, they heal wounds often with no scarring.
Some of these enzymes are still being discovered and have scientists in a frenzy of excitement all over the world who through their studies, have discovered medicinal honey is able to heal wounds where all conventional medicines have failed.
So much so, that we are actually becoming more immune to these conventional medicines as they continue to spend billions inventing more!
This just doesn’t happen with the benefits of honey. It is a substance that is impossible to become immune to, is far more effective and what's more, it never goes off!
The Greeks and Romans were very fond of their honey and through the writings of the ancient Greeks who wrote the very first medical book they documented many honey benefits, especially its use as a medicine.
Even More Honey Benefits
Mix up your benefits of honey with Ginger, Garlic and Lemons for flavors to die for and very effective home remedies. Why spend your hard earned cash on chemical substitutes when you can treat yourself so much more kindly by using all that nature has provided us with.
Hippocrates the Father of Western medicine used natural healing very successfully; his favorite form of nutrition and natural medicines were Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey. This brilliant combination has actually been quoted as the "Cure All for Everything"
Hippocrates was a man to whom we must give thanks. His Hippocratic Oath is still mostly abided by. He used his honey benefits to heal sick children by giving this to them to eat. The results were that they all became better nourished and more importantly recovered.
And now, honey benefits are enjoying a huge revival, there is little doubt this is causing a bit of panic throughout the pharmaceutical companies as each day their man made concoctions are becoming ineffective almost on a daily basis.
Whom I wonder, first discovered it has medicinal qualities and plays a very important role as a natural form of medicine in today’s societies often out-doing chemical antibiotics which are prescribed far too often and unnecessarily so!
Honey Skin Care Products
Interestingly, this does not appear to be the case within the beauty industry. Long ago Honey Beauty was recognized and today hardly a beauty product on the market appears without proudly boasting their product contains honey!
They understand honey benefits by producing honey skin care products in the form of face masks, facial creams and lip balms just to name a few.
They know they are on to a good thing; there is nothing better than the use of honey on our skin. It heals our skin infections with ease but is also capable of helping our faces look more youthful as it plumps out our wrinkles. Is it any wonder then they include it!
Have a little fun with your jars of honey, why not try these fantastic honey beauty benefits for yourself; it's so easy to make yourself incredible Natural Skin Products using honey as your base, throw in a few fruits, yoghurts, oatmeal and a little bees wax, have great fun and save yourself a fortune!

Back pain: Source and treatment

Back pain is the result of complex spine and muscles surrounding it and support it. Spine protects the spinal cord - a branch of the nervous system connects the brain to the rest of the body.

It is customary to divide the spine back into three parts: Part curved outward, part hip and part of the tail. All links are numbered, and the letter indicates the part which they belong. L3 vertebra, for example, is the third link in the lumbar section of the spine.

The number of vertebrae surrounding muscle, in several layers, enabling the movement of the back. A large muscle in the front of the spine called Psoas major. The large muscles that are in the back of the spine, since the back, they Erector spine muscle, Transverso-spinal muscle, semispinalis thoracic, iliocostalis thoracic, and more.

Other causes of back pain
Damage to many buildings that are in the back can cause back pain in many ways. Injury can occur in the spine, back muscles, nerves and more. The background can be a traumatic injury (injury), infections, arthritis and so on. We briefly summarize some of the important reasons for back pain.

Injury or blow to the back can cause damage to various buildings and pain. In cases of spinal cord injury pain is accompanied by various neurological deficits as well; Motor (inability to move the legs, for example), and sensory (numbness).

Fractions over a squad that damage can occur L1 compression injury of the spinal cord. Urgent and essential care to prevent further nerve damage and minimize the damage as much as possible.

Sometimes, a slight back injury or slight stretching of muscles, such as when lifting a heavy load, can lead to prolonged pain. Such pain often occur after road accidents or falls. The pain is usually located on the back, and not radiate to the buttocks or legs. This kind of pain is very common.

Non-traumatic fractures
Often, spinal fractures are not a result of trauma. These fractures can be a sign of various diseases that affect the bone and make it overly sensitive. The most common disease causing fractures in light of such a disease is unpredictable.

This disease, which appears mostly in older age and higher prevalence in women, levels of minerals, especially calcium in the bones, falls, and Ksihotn of bones hurt. Vertebral fractures appear in patients suffering from osteoporosis can lead to severe back pain.

Diseases of the intervertebral disc

Between the vertebrae in the back is a disc, cartilage tissue designed to facilitate the movement of the joints between the vertebrae. Displacement of the disc from its natural place between the vertebrae can cause pressure on the nerves located in the spinal cord or exit the spine, and be accompanied by pain and other neurological signs (such as sphincter control disorders). This may be a situation called a "slipped disc".

This injury is relatively common and typically occurs between the vertebrae L4 disk L5 or L5-S1-. The pain can be from the lower back or radiate to the buttocks, thighs and legs. In severe cases the pain is not getting better treatment includes surgery with removal of the disc to fall.

Neurodegenerative diseases

A degenerative disease of the bone - osteoarthritis, can also cause back pain when it affects the spine. The name of the disease in this special anatomical location is Spondylosis. Increased pain in motion (in contrast rheumatic pain, Hmohmrim the rest). Sometimes you can see changes in the vertebrae bones of different imaging tests.

Congenital diseases

Congenital causes of back pain include particularly vulnerable normal structure of the spine - Kyphosis or Kyposcoliosis - meaning scoliosis abnormal curve of the spine. Easy Mode also damage the closure of the spine relative to the spine can cause back pain.

Joint diseases

Among diseases that can damage the articular joints between the vertebrae is interesting to note the Reiter's syndrome. This syndrome, the autoimmune process leads to diarrheal disease triads (three) Typical symptoms: eye inflammation, inflammation of the urethra, and back pain with spinal cord injury. You can treat join diease with inversion therapy.

Other causes of back pain

Extension of the abdominal aorta can lead to severe, sharp pain in the back, because of the proximity of the aorta to the spine. Deterioration of expansion rupture can lead to rapid blood loss and massive and life-threatening situation that requires immediate and urgent attention.

Pancreatitis, appearing in the wake of biliary obstruction or chronic condition increased consumption of alcohol, may emerge known as afterbirth pain radiating to the back. May be the source of back pain cases of pancreatitis is referred pain, originating definitely "wrong" of the brain nerve pain coming from internal organs.

An Inversion table - the ultimate solution to back pain

As we know, some back problems are caused by gravity. Vertical spine position consistent pressure causes the spine reduces the space between the discs. As a result, the spinal fluid has difficulty moving freely and in addition could develop on the nerve roots. The quality of life is compromised, at best, because of the pain felt in the back of the pressure, and at worst causing prolonged stress - herniated disc and disc ballet, to the inability to move.

The reversal system allows to pain relief and total disappearance in the long term by a combination of treatments adapted to the muscular and use Reverse bed regularly, and provides a significant response to acute problems that accompany the spine.
Back pain relief

Nerve roots in the spinal vertebrae, and when they are close to each other as a result of gravity acting on the body's vertical spine position, a situation of loss of cerebrospinal fluid or physical changes such as spinal disc herniation and disc ballet and more. These conditions can cause pain called "pinched nerve" - ​​pinch. Preventive and treatment solution after a situation such as this, is the extension of the spine by relaxing tight muscles and use the inversion method: vertebrae moving apart, the pressure on the nerve, and reduced sensation of pain disappears.

Ballet disk and herniated disc - Prevention and Treatment

Discs and spinal fluid exists which allow flexible movement. All physical activity and changes that happen with puberty and body fluid emission factors spinal disks. All this makes Lhtnmcot emission body (discs are approaching each other). Regular use of bed reversal allows disks to relax and spinal fluid to return to his seat. Discs absorb it with the nutrients required to maintain vitality. 60-degree angle to the opposite bed allows complete rest vertebrae and reduces pressure on the spine. The inversion method was effective even from a normal ear off.

Ballet disk mode allows the inversion method to release the pressure generated vertebrates, including profit and thus relieve the pressure on the disc. Make posture of the body can fill with fluid and disc nucleus can return to his place and thus get the healing naturally.
Releasing tight muscles

Stress can cause muscle contraction in the neck, shoulders and back. This shrinkage can cause nerve compression, vertebral failure, a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream and inadequate removal of toxins in the lymphatic system. Produces elastic inversion position that allows muscle instant oxygen into the bloodstream (peripheral blood circulation efficiency) and effective drainage of toxins in the lymphatic system. Acids accumulated in the muscle and not evacuated properly released, and therefore sticks to muscle fatigue. It should be noted that long-term muscle contraction in the back, for example, may lead to think that this is a herniated disc (due to pain), so an accurate diagnosis is very important and one of the recommended treatments is stated inversion method.

Area wrong, sitting for long, heavy weight bearing, which is not done properly sports, carrying a baby and virtually every action of the body can cause a change in posture over the years, which leads to pain. Change in posture leads to loading weight on the soft tissue of the body and are not intended to carry it. Practice is subject to conditions such as back pain, lumbar, lower back pain and lameness (even minimal) to Akotiim- disabling traffic situations.

Regular use of an inversion table on a on a daily basis can reverse what position the body's natural easier to deal with back pain. Correct posture obtained with the inversion position allows proper weight distribution between the vertebrae, ie the distribution of weight between four points (cervical vertebrae, lower vertebrae of the spine, hips and knee joints). This division allows the correct weight bearing body while dealing with gravity effectively. The inversion method is recommended for prevention and treatment.
Improvement in brain function

Reverse position of the body allows the increasing circulation of blood in the brain. Nutrients such as nutrients into the brain, helping to optimal functioning and faster.
Relief problems disequilibrium

Reverse stick position and enhances problem-stimulatory top of the middle ear, as a lack of balance and orientation in space problem. These may occur in divers jumping from a height, gymnastics and active in freefall.

Back pain caused by spinal problems and local pressure or continuous receive an effective response by using the method of inversion (Inversion). This method is recommended by doctors, physical therapists and sports trainers, and carried the American military school sports as part of the training. Studies show that using this method allows for immediate relief of pain and can prevent lower back surgery.

How to live a healthy life ?

Healthy lifestyle for me, it's a lifestyle our daily lives, all actions, behaviors, the way and manner in which we live and work in our lives leads us to a better quality of life in terms of health and well-being (a condition in which a person or several people enjoying it their social, health, psychological and spiritual - that is, the person experiences life in a positive manner at all levels. This group is based on its approaches to all events, challenges and situations in life accompanies inner peace and happiness, the foundation to everything reaches a large and comprehensive picture of his lifestyle that supports our approach to life.)

In order to enjoy better quality of life, we must reshape a healthy lifestyle in our applying the way we live and cultivate in its activities that support: health, attitudes, avoidance and control of our stress levels, fostering family and social ties, the implementation outlets creative include skill development and skill new and all areas.

But first, before we shape our lifestyle, we will focus here on very few things that they play a critical and important role in shaping our lifestyle - it examined the situation in our lives, by a number of questions:

  • Am I my life with the right people? Or the right person in my life?
  • Is the amount of hours I work right for my family and for the day, the heme fit my lifestyle they have a family life and social needs?
  • Can I do any exercise when I want?
  • Can I meditate when I want?
  • I always feel relaxed and comfortable in my environment?
  • Do I see my closest friends long enough for a week?
  • Is there a balance between private life and work?
  • Did I take enough time for rest, relaxation, and sleep and rest includes all actions including: Vacation Too period, nature walks with the family, and the rest of my evening and on weekends?
  • Did I manage my energy correctly and sensible that I am calm and productive during my day job and my private life?
  • Do I feed myself foods of high quality, natural, healthier and richer support health, my energy produced on every day?
Is life style support my healthy lifestyle: Do I get a sufficient amount of sleep a day? Table I have free time and flexible social action, sports, skill development and new skills?
I feel energetic, happy and productive on every day? If not, what can I do to change the situation?
According to the questions I mentioned above, you will understand much better where you are today and what is your situation now. In addition, we continued to think of solutions that we can improve and reshape our lifestyle. So as you can see and learn later healthy lifestyle choices based not only by exercise and diet, this is actually a lifestyle where you cultivate the quality of life of all kinds of fields and devote your time to their qualities.

My goal and vision of the site

I started the site body, mind and spirit - my goal was to explore strategies for achieving health, peace, energy, improved mood which Msottim all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual, so that we could enjoy a healthy lifestyle and optimal health eventually.

In order to simplify the definition of a healthy lifestyle, is actually a lifestyle which involved a number of things that are: exercise, nutrition, social activities, the achievement of peace and rest, avoiding tension and stress, the pursuit of goals and dreams, develop skills and expertise in creative and diverse .

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is easy to maintain health and a healthy body weight, and enjoy a good mood. In fact healthy lifestyle helps you live your life fully as a potential and thus reduces your risks of various diseases and experience life Bbmobnim and negative emotions, and therefore both static people who run a healthy lifestyle, live a fuller life, better quality and longer than other ordinary people.

A healthy lifestyle is actually a way to live your life in the best way, higher quality and more favorable, without suffering too much (all kinds of negative factors: stress, tension, fatigue, mood, anxiety, lack of Forion, and the like.) While on the fish to create actions and objectives that serve you toward a healthier lifestyle, and the flip side of this is to avoid negative situations occur and to enter your life. As a result, enjoy their life more, taking advantage of the resources of physical, psychological and spiritual pursuit of your dreams and challenges that interest you, and all in a good mood, relaxed and calm, with more energy and creativity on every day.)

How can we create a healthy lifestyle?

Food and feed ourselves high-quality foods, natural and healthier, and striving to avoid and minimize the effects and causes less consumption of high-quality foods: they Foods chemicals, processed, which is preserved for a while, and instead consume more fresh and healthy.

Move more during everyday life, and to exercise a variety of options: walking, running, swimming, dancing, Sprint, yoga, play, lift weights, perform stretching and so on. In order to move more in everyday life as we were meant to be and do, and rebel against the mighty culture of prolonged sitting or in other words the screens Culture "which gradually accumulates and fast with great momentum in our time.
Nurture your rest - more rest, relax and unwind, try to maintain the quality of sleep, more rest, take a nap if necessary and if you are tired, take breaks, vacations and rest each week, month and year.
Social lifestyle - keep and nurture your relationship is too week, relatives, close friends and make new friends in social circles and activities for social salsa, study courses, languages, be active socially at parties and events.

Manage strategies for achieving peace and relaxation, avoiding stress, and stress (stress) in our lives, by taking the time to sleep, playing outside, accompanied by fresh air and lots of sunshine, create and enjoy hobbies and creative as dance, cook, ride a bike, spend time outdoors or embrace and caress