Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How to live a healthy life ?

Healthy lifestyle for me, it's a lifestyle our daily lives, all actions, behaviors, the way and manner in which we live and work in our lives leads us to a better quality of life in terms of health and well-being (a condition in which a person or several people enjoying it their social, health, psychological and spiritual - that is, the person experiences life in a positive manner at all levels. This group is based on its approaches to all events, challenges and situations in life accompanies inner peace and happiness, the foundation to everything reaches a large and comprehensive picture of his lifestyle that supports our approach to life.)

In order to enjoy better quality of life, we must reshape a healthy lifestyle in our applying the way we live and cultivate in its activities that support: health, attitudes, avoidance and control of our stress levels, fostering family and social ties, the implementation outlets creative include skill development and skill new and all areas.

But first, before we shape our lifestyle, we will focus here on very few things that they play a critical and important role in shaping our lifestyle - it examined the situation in our lives, by a number of questions:

  • Am I my life with the right people? Or the right person in my life?
  • Is the amount of hours I work right for my family and for the day, the heme fit my lifestyle they have a family life and social needs?
  • Can I do any exercise when I want?
  • Can I meditate when I want?
  • I always feel relaxed and comfortable in my environment?
  • Do I see my closest friends long enough for a week?
  • Is there a balance between private life and work?
  • Did I take enough time for rest, relaxation, and sleep and rest includes all actions including: Vacation Too period, nature walks with the family, and the rest of my evening and on weekends?
  • Did I manage my energy correctly and sensible that I am calm and productive during my day job and my private life?
  • Do I feed myself foods of high quality, natural, healthier and richer support health, my energy produced on every day?
Is life style support my healthy lifestyle: Do I get a sufficient amount of sleep a day? Table I have free time and flexible social action, sports, skill development and new skills?
I feel energetic, happy and productive on every day? If not, what can I do to change the situation?
According to the questions I mentioned above, you will understand much better where you are today and what is your situation now. In addition, we continued to think of solutions that we can improve and reshape our lifestyle. So as you can see and learn later healthy lifestyle choices based not only by exercise and diet, this is actually a lifestyle where you cultivate the quality of life of all kinds of fields and devote your time to their qualities.

My goal and vision of the site

I started the site body, mind and spirit - my goal was to explore strategies for achieving health, peace, energy, improved mood which Msottim all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual, so that we could enjoy a healthy lifestyle and optimal health eventually.

In order to simplify the definition of a healthy lifestyle, is actually a lifestyle which involved a number of things that are: exercise, nutrition, social activities, the achievement of peace and rest, avoiding tension and stress, the pursuit of goals and dreams, develop skills and expertise in creative and diverse .

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is easy to maintain health and a healthy body weight, and enjoy a good mood. In fact healthy lifestyle helps you live your life fully as a potential and thus reduces your risks of various diseases and experience life Bbmobnim and negative emotions, and therefore both static people who run a healthy lifestyle, live a fuller life, better quality and longer than other ordinary people.

A healthy lifestyle is actually a way to live your life in the best way, higher quality and more favorable, without suffering too much (all kinds of negative factors: stress, tension, fatigue, mood, anxiety, lack of Forion, and the like.) While on the fish to create actions and objectives that serve you toward a healthier lifestyle, and the flip side of this is to avoid negative situations occur and to enter your life. As a result, enjoy their life more, taking advantage of the resources of physical, psychological and spiritual pursuit of your dreams and challenges that interest you, and all in a good mood, relaxed and calm, with more energy and creativity on every day.)

How can we create a healthy lifestyle?

Food and feed ourselves high-quality foods, natural and healthier, and striving to avoid and minimize the effects and causes less consumption of high-quality foods: they Foods chemicals, processed, which is preserved for a while, and instead consume more fresh and healthy.

Move more during everyday life, and to exercise a variety of options: walking, running, swimming, dancing, Sprint, yoga, play, lift weights, perform stretching and so on. In order to move more in everyday life as we were meant to be and do, and rebel against the mighty culture of prolonged sitting or in other words the screens Culture "which gradually accumulates and fast with great momentum in our time.
Nurture your rest - more rest, relax and unwind, try to maintain the quality of sleep, more rest, take a nap if necessary and if you are tired, take breaks, vacations and rest each week, month and year.
Social lifestyle - keep and nurture your relationship is too week, relatives, close friends and make new friends in social circles and activities for social salsa, study courses, languages, be active socially at parties and events.

Manage strategies for achieving peace and relaxation, avoiding stress, and stress (stress) in our lives, by taking the time to sleep, playing outside, accompanied by fresh air and lots of sunshine, create and enjoy hobbies and creative as dance, cook, ride a bike, spend time outdoors or embrace and caress

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