Wednesday, January 11, 2017

An Inversion table - the ultimate solution to back pain

As we know, some back problems are caused by gravity. Vertical spine position consistent pressure causes the spine reduces the space between the discs. As a result, the spinal fluid has difficulty moving freely and in addition could develop on the nerve roots. The quality of life is compromised, at best, because of the pain felt in the back of the pressure, and at worst causing prolonged stress - herniated disc and disc ballet, to the inability to move.

The reversal system allows to pain relief and total disappearance in the long term by a combination of treatments adapted to the muscular and use Reverse bed regularly, and provides a significant response to acute problems that accompany the spine.
Back pain relief

Nerve roots in the spinal vertebrae, and when they are close to each other as a result of gravity acting on the body's vertical spine position, a situation of loss of cerebrospinal fluid or physical changes such as spinal disc herniation and disc ballet and more. These conditions can cause pain called "pinched nerve" - ​​pinch. Preventive and treatment solution after a situation such as this, is the extension of the spine by relaxing tight muscles and use the inversion method: vertebrae moving apart, the pressure on the nerve, and reduced sensation of pain disappears.

Ballet disk and herniated disc - Prevention and Treatment

Discs and spinal fluid exists which allow flexible movement. All physical activity and changes that happen with puberty and body fluid emission factors spinal disks. All this makes Lhtnmcot emission body (discs are approaching each other). Regular use of bed reversal allows disks to relax and spinal fluid to return to his seat. Discs absorb it with the nutrients required to maintain vitality. 60-degree angle to the opposite bed allows complete rest vertebrae and reduces pressure on the spine. The inversion method was effective even from a normal ear off.

Ballet disk mode allows the inversion method to release the pressure generated vertebrates, including profit and thus relieve the pressure on the disc. Make posture of the body can fill with fluid and disc nucleus can return to his place and thus get the healing naturally.
Releasing tight muscles

Stress can cause muscle contraction in the neck, shoulders and back. This shrinkage can cause nerve compression, vertebral failure, a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream and inadequate removal of toxins in the lymphatic system. Produces elastic inversion position that allows muscle instant oxygen into the bloodstream (peripheral blood circulation efficiency) and effective drainage of toxins in the lymphatic system. Acids accumulated in the muscle and not evacuated properly released, and therefore sticks to muscle fatigue. It should be noted that long-term muscle contraction in the back, for example, may lead to think that this is a herniated disc (due to pain), so an accurate diagnosis is very important and one of the recommended treatments is stated inversion method.

Area wrong, sitting for long, heavy weight bearing, which is not done properly sports, carrying a baby and virtually every action of the body can cause a change in posture over the years, which leads to pain. Change in posture leads to loading weight on the soft tissue of the body and are not intended to carry it. Practice is subject to conditions such as back pain, lumbar, lower back pain and lameness (even minimal) to Akotiim- disabling traffic situations.

Regular use of an inversion table on a on a daily basis can reverse what position the body's natural easier to deal with back pain. Correct posture obtained with the inversion position allows proper weight distribution between the vertebrae, ie the distribution of weight between four points (cervical vertebrae, lower vertebrae of the spine, hips and knee joints). This division allows the correct weight bearing body while dealing with gravity effectively. The inversion method is recommended for prevention and treatment.
Improvement in brain function

Reverse position of the body allows the increasing circulation of blood in the brain. Nutrients such as nutrients into the brain, helping to optimal functioning and faster.
Relief problems disequilibrium

Reverse stick position and enhances problem-stimulatory top of the middle ear, as a lack of balance and orientation in space problem. These may occur in divers jumping from a height, gymnastics and active in freefall.

Back pain caused by spinal problems and local pressure or continuous receive an effective response by using the method of inversion (Inversion). This method is recommended by doctors, physical therapists and sports trainers, and carried the American military school sports as part of the training. Studies show that using this method allows for immediate relief of pain and can prevent lower back surgery.

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